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Flurweg 21
74635 Kupferzell

Telephone: +49 (0) 79 44 / 91 31-0
Fax: +49 (0) 79 44 / 91 31-31

DE BW 01102 EG
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We are the world's largest producer of suckling pigs, with four thousand pigs slaughtered every day. We supply our suckling pig specialities to all prestigious German retail chains and export suckling pigs all over Europe. We are also one of only two German producers who are allowed to supply the Chinese market.

Our production facilities are very significant for agriculture in the region: with our warehouse capacity for 2,500 tonnes, we are able to balance out fluctuations in the market for suckling pigs. We process around 60 percent of the suckling pigs further to make products such as filets, spare ribs, rolled roast and sausages.

Environment and safety

Environmental protection is important to us
no products that damage ozone or the climate are used in our
fully automatic refrigeration system and, instead, we only use
natural refrigerants.

Fire protection has special priority
Our high-bay warehouse is equipped with an OxyReduct system, which reduces the oxygen content of the air to approx. 15 percent. It is harmless for people but reliably prevents fires from breaking out, thus making it the most effective protection against fire currently on the market.


Our butcher's shops in the region

  • Waldenburg
  • Werksverkauf Beltersrot
  • Kupferzell
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