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Flurweg 21
74635 Kupferzell

Telephone: +49 (0) 79 44 / 91 31-0
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Innovative refrigeration systems

We can store up to 2,720,000 kg of suckling pig meat in our fully automatic deep-freeze warehouse. In addition to the high-rack storage area, we also have two blast freezing rooms, each with capacity for 23 pallets. Each blast freezing room is equipped with two evaporators, which deliver air cooled to -50°C through the goods at an air speed of 100 km/h using a system of forced-air ventilation. In this way, we easily comply with legal requirements for a freezing speed of 1 cm/h.

Our Service - working for you worldwide

We have a picking deep-freeze store with a large deep-freeze shipping area for pallets, which are taken out of the store fully automatically and dispatched complete or as a picking pallet. Here the weights are recorded by laser scanners using bar codes, wrapping film is stretched around the pallets fully automatically and they are made ready for dispatch.

After the goods have been picked, they are immediately taken to the live storage racks and stored at a temperature of -2°C until they are loaded. An extensive fleet of the company's own refrigerated vehicles is available for shipping the goods. Customers all over the world appreciate our fresh or blast frozen suckling pigs. We would also be pleased to supply you with our delicious products.

Our butcher's shops in the region

  • Waldenburg
  • Werksverkauf Beltersrot
  • Kupferzell
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