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Flurweg 21
74635 Kupferzell

Telephone: +49 (0) 79 44 / 91 31-0
Fax: +49 (0) 79 44 / 91 31-31

DE BW 01102 EG
DE BW 15102 EG

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Data Protection

Your privacy is very important to us. When collecting your data, we strictly observe existing data protection laws.

Your data is collected and stored as follows:

  1. Enquiry / Contact form
    In order to make contact with us, a contact form is available. The data entered in the form is converted into an e-mail and sent to us via a 128-bit encryption. The data you provide is only used by us for making contact and responding to any queries you may have; all data is subsequently deleted.
  2. Web browser
    The following data is sent to us by your web browser:
    - Type / Version of browser
    - Time of enquiry
    - Operating system used
    - The previous website visited (referral URL)
    - IP address

This data is used for statistical evaluation and deleted immediately afterwards.

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  • Werksverkauf Beltersrot
  • Kupferzell
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