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Heart valves save lives

Since 2004 we have also supplied a very special group of customers: cardiac patients.

Heart valves as well as aortas and vena cava of pigs are the right size for children and small people. This marks out our suckling and milk-fed pigs as the suppliers for this special application.

Every day 1,500 heart valves are dispatched to Frankfurt airport. From there, the organ material is sent off to an English company in Leeds and a Californian business in North America. The heart valves are prepared in the USA and marketed worldwide. We also send Berlin's Charité hospital four hundred heart valves each week. The global requirement for medical material cannot be covered by organ donors alone.

Medical products

The pigs' organs also supply a further product with a medical use and this is used to make blood-thinning drugs. These preparations are used for patients after they have had a heart attack or stroke.

We are proud that we can meet the extremely high demands of doctors and the pharmaceutical industry. This has made us one of the most important suppliers of pig heart valves worldwide.

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